06 June 2016

The Letter Box 10.10.2005

In the sesquicentennial year, the Department of Posts issued a set of four commemorative postage stamps depicting the Victorian Letter Box, the Penfold Letter Box, the Cylindrical Letter Box and the TV type box, respectively.
The ubiquitous letter box is perhaps the best symbol of the outreach of the postal service in the remotest corners of India. Unassuming, yet instantly recognizable, the letter box has been part and parcel of our everyday lives, an icon of stability in an ever-changing world. The Letter Box has witnessed the phases of change and evolution of postal services in our country as well as in the rest of the world, and has itself undergone several incarnations.  Historically they have been of different shapes and sizes, combining functionally while also representing the authority of the state and its prerogative of being the sole provider of postal service in the country.

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