10 June 2016

Jawaharlal Darda 2.12.2005

Indian freedom fighter Jawaharlal Darda was posthumously conferred a Lifetime Achievement Award at UK's House of Commons on 18 September 2013. The Award was given for his contribution during India's independence movement and its journey afterwards.
Shree Jawaharlal Darda was born in Babhulgon on 2 july 1923, he was freedom fighter, he started the the freedom struggle 1940 by taking part in the Individual Satyagraha Movement as per stated by Mahatma Gandhi, he led the foot march of about 400 miles. In 1942 he took part in the "Quit India Movement" for which, he was imprisoned for a period of One year and Nine month, when he was in Jabalpur jail, he arranged meet of Satyagrahis.
He started the handwritten "Sinha Garjana" so that the knowledge of Satyagraha reches to all pepole.
In 1944 he established the Azad Hind Sena's Yeotmal branch. In 1945, he started the "Young Man Association" with his friends.
In 1947, he started a weekly called "Nave jag". In 1952, he restarted "Lokmat" weekly in Yeotmal. 

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