01 June 2016

50th Anniversary of The Bandung Conference 18.4.2005

A commemorative postage stamp was released to commemorate the Bandung Conference 1955, in the denomination of Rs 15 to mark the completion of 50 years.
The first large-scale Asian–African or Afro–Asian Conference—also known as the Bandung Conference — was a meeting of Asian and African states, most of which were newly independent, which took place on April 18–24, 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia. The twenty-nine countries that participated at the Bandung Conference represented nearly one-quarter of the Earth's land surface and a total population of 1.5 billion people. The conference was organised by Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and India and was coordinated by Ruslan Abdulgani, secretary general of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Conference was the forerunner of many economic ideas such as diversification of export baskets, value addition to exports, intra-regional economic and commercial links and exchange of commercial information.

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