21 May 2016

The Marudhu Pandiyar brothers (Periya Marudhu Chinna Marudhu) 24.10.2004

The Marudhu Pandiyar brothers (Periya Marudhu Chinna Marudhu) ruled Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu towards the end of the 18th century. The Marudhu brothers were the first to issue a proclamation of independence from the colonial British rule from Trichy Thiruvarangam Temple, Tamil Nadu on 10 June 1801, more than 56 years before what is generally said to be the First War of Indian Independence which broke out mainly in Northern India in the year.
The Marudhu Pandiyars ,war leader sivanandi and many of their family members were captured at Cholapuram they were infamously hanged in the Fort of Tirupputhur (Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu) on October 24, 1801.

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