01 April 2016

Baba Raghav Das 12.12.1998

Baba Raghav Das, popularly known as 'Gandhi of Poorvanchal', was born in a rich Brahman family on 12 December 1896 at Pune, Maharastra. He played a great role in the political, social,economical, and the cultural activities of the nation.
During the independence movement, he was imprisoned many times. After freedom, he preferred to serve people rather than be in the government. However, due to the strong insistence of some of the top leaders of India, he contested in the elections and was elected MLA in 1948. After that he continued to work for the people.
During 1947 to 1957 he dedicated himself to various welfare activities. He took an active part in the 'Bhu-dan' movement started by Binoba Bhave. On January 15, 1958, Baba Raghav Das passed away.

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