22 March 2016

Homage to Martyrs 15.8.1998

At the conclusion of the 50th anniversary of Independence, India pays homage to the martyrs of the freedom struggle with the issue of this special / commemorative se-tenant of two stamps, symbolising the years of struggle for Independence, the attainment of independence and India’s achievements in the post-independence years.

The setenant stamp portrays progressively from left to right our struggle for freedom culminating in the demand for selfgovernment and eventual independence, leading on to industrialscientific and technological developments– all contributing to the building of modern India. The spirit of adventure and exploration resulting in Indian scientists, especially geophysicists andoceanographers reaching Antarctica is also suggestively proposed in the stamp design. The first day cover depicts the first slogan postmark, heralding the historic day, 15th August 1947 along with the first postage stamp issued, by Independent India.

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