05 August 2015

The Sixth Triennale 22.3.1986

The Sixth Triennale was organised by rhe Lalit Kala Akademi. On each occasion we have been enabled to view the changes and shifts which have occured in art in different parts of the world. These changes are also indicative of the different attitudes towards art. There is a whole range between art as a medium conveying a message and art as a self contained activity with its own internal logic. In a profound sense, the works of each country reflect perhaps only partially, the life experience of that country. Thus the Triennale offers not only a variegated feast for the eyes, but insights into the sensibilities and concerns of different countries which are represented here. There are 42 countries participating in this Triennale with works of art covering paintings, drawings, graphics of different kinds, sculptures executed in stone; wood, fire-glass and terracotta; constructions in wood and metal, earthworks, and works executed in multimedia.

An international jury consisting of five persons will adjudge ten awards of Rs. 50,000 each.

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