08 August 2015

The 10th Asian Games, Seoul, South Korea 16.9.1986

The 10th Asian Games were held from September 20, 1986 to October 5, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. The city was supposed to host the 1970 games, but it received security threats from neighbouring North Korea, forcing it to give up hosting the games to previous 1966 host Bangkok, Thailand. The venues and facilities of the 10th Asiad were the same venues and facilities used in the 1988 Summer Olympics two years later because this was considered a test event.

All socialist countries including North Korea, Mongolian People's Republic, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan and South Yemen except Mainland China boycotted the Games due to political conditions. A spy detonated a bomb behind a vending machine in Gimpo International Airport and killed five people, including a technician, just few days before the Games started.


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