01 July 2015

Sir Ram Nath Chopra 17.8.1983

The stamp shows Ram Nath Chopra with the School of Tropical Medicine, Calcutta in the background.

Sir Ram Nath Chopra, acclaimed today as the Father of Pharmacology in India, was born on August: 17, 1882. He obtained the degree of M.D. (Medicine) for his original work on experimental pharmacology at the Cambridge University in 1908, after which he returned to India to take up a medical career. Chopra was appointed the first Professor of Pharmacology in the newly established Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine in 1921, while simultaneously heading the Department of Pharmacology at the Calcutta Medical College. This dual role as Professor of Pharmacology in a Postgraduate Research Institute (viz. the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine) and in an Undergraduate Training Centre (viz. Calcutta Medical College), afforded him as excellent opportunity for placing Pharmacology on the 'medical map' of India.

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