19 July 2015

Regiment of Artillery - Golden Jubilee 15.1.1985

The 100 P. Stamp shows a Gunner from a nineteenth century mountain battery and a 3.7 inch mountain howitzer of the early twentieth century. The first Day Cover shows a medium gun firing a shell.

REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY. "Ultima Ratio Regum" - the last argument of the Kings! This was how cannons were described in the medieval period. Ever since the concept of causing destruction to the enemy's war machine at a distance, evolved in warfare, Artillery has been a battle winning arm. Babur is credited with being the first one to use Artillery in India in the first battle of Panipat in 1526. Throughout the Moghul period and later during the reign of Marathas, Tipu Sultan, the Sikhs under Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the British East India Company Artillery was the leading arm and "Golandaz" battalions occupied the pride of place on the battlefield. Since then the guns have always been the "Colours" of the Regiment of Artillery, unlike the other arms who have Guidons. A few Indian mountain artillery batteries, officered by the British, were raised in the nineteenth century and served with distinction during the Afghan Wars and the First World War. On 15th January 1935, 'A' Field Brigade, comprising four batteries of horse drawn guns, was raised at Bangalore. Inspire of its long history, the regiment of Artillery has opted to adopt this as its birthday.  'A' Field Brigade was the first wholly Indian Artillery Unit. Today on 15th January 1985.
The Nation joins the Regiment of Artillery in celebrating the Golden Jubilee of that historic occasion.

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