10 July 2015

Postal Life Insurance - Centenary 1.2.1984

This stamp was issued to commemorate the centenary of Postal Life Insurance. The stamp shows the logo of Postal Life Insurance encircled by light green and dark green leaves of peepul tree. The peepul tree represents growth, stability and protection. The light green leaves show youth and dark green leaves indicate maturity.

POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE. Postal Life Insurance, introduced on 1st Feb., 1884, is one of the oldest welfare schemes for Government employees. Even in the last century, the Govt. of the day was greatly exercised about the financial distress of its employees and their dependents, particularly after their retirement from service or disease. The question of establishing an institution to mitigate the hardships of employees was considered at length and it was in 1884 that the suggestion of the then Director General of the Post Office for the introduction of the Postal Life Insurance was implemented.

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