20 July 2015

Minicoy Island Lighthouse 2.2.1985

Amongst the few major Lighthouses in India built in the 19th and which are still in use today, the lighthouses at Minicoy Island (Lat. 08" 16' N; Long. 73"01.6'E) in the Union territory of Lakshadweep, which was established in 1885, stands out as the foremost. By virtue of its strategic location in the Arabian Sea, this lighthouse renders vital navigational guidance to all ships plying in the international sea lanes from Alden to Colombo and Suez to Singapore and the Far East. The circular masonry tower, which is 47 meters high, is provided with a powerful revolving lens apparatus capable of giving an effective beam intensity of 100,00 candles with a visibility range of 26 nautical miles. A powerful medium frequency Radio-beacon with an effective range of 400 km. has also been installed in order to provide increased navigational guidance to mariners. Minicoy Island Lighthouse which has beer acclaimed for and wide as an important navigational landmark amidst the high seas has, completed one hundred years of service to the mariners on 2.2.1985.

The 100 P. multicolour stamp shows the Minicoy Lighthouse. The First Day Cover shows the seascape at Minicoy as seen from the Lighthouse.

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