08 July 2015

7th Cavalry 7.1.1984

The stamp portrays an old Lancer of 7th Cavalry in ceremonial dress. The first day cover depicts late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru inspecting the Guard of Honour of 7th Light Cavalry, soon after the battle of Srinagar during the Indo-Pak conflict in November-December, 1948. The cancellation shows the crest of the 7th Light Cavalry.
7TH LIGHT CAVALRY.  The7th Light Cavalry was formed in 1784 from selected drafts of three regiments of local cavalry which had been taken over by the East India Company that year at Arcot near Madras. The regiment during the period upto Independence has served with distinction both in India and Overseas. The regiment saw active service in World War I in Persia, Russia, Transcapia and Afghanistan. During World War II, the Regiment fought in the siege of Imphal and later forged its way down Burma being the first to reach Rangoon. To honour its gallant actions the Regiment was selected by Lord Louis Mountbatten, SEAC, as the only cavalry regiment to represent the Occupation Forces in Japan from the entire Commonwealth cavalry regiments. Post Independence, the 7th Light Cavalry has participated in all battles fought in the country. 
The Regiment emerged as the most decorated unit of the Army after this war. In recognition of meritorious service in various parts of the World the Regiment has the proud privilege of being conferred with 21 Battle honours. In addition, to date, 239 awards have been conferred on the Regiment making it one of the most highly decorated units of the Indian Army.

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