23 June 2015

The Fourth India National Exhibition, INPEX-82 30.12.1982

The Fourth India National Exhibition, INPEX-82 was held in New Delhi from 30th December 1982 to 5th January 1983 by the P & T Department, in co-operation with the Philatelic Congress of India, is an ambitious venture. It is being held in the prestigious landmark of New Delhi, the Indraprastha Stadium, which ranks among the world's first three covered stadia. The response has been overwhelming. A total of 409 collectors will display their exhibits spread over 1500 frames, the largest ever put up in any national exhibition.

The 50 P. denomination stamp shows a vintage composite rail coach comprising Railway Mail Service Van in the middle with passenger sections on either side. An early steam engine of Indian Railway is shown in silhouette. 
The 200 P. denomination stamp, depicts the first India Postage stamp, the blue Half Anna 18564, Lithograph bearing Queen Victoria's effigy, and the 3,1/2 Anna stamp carrying India's national flag, one of the set of three stamps issued in 1947 to commemorate India's Independence. The first day cover, depicts a royal procession in Mughal Delhi. The first day special cancellation shows a sketch of Indraprastha Stadium, the venue of the exhibition.  

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