26 June 2015


SEVENTH NON-ALIGNED SUMMIT. The Seventh Non-Aligned Summit was held in New Delhi from 7th to 11th March, 1983. The earlier summits were held in Belgrade (1961), Cairo (1964), Lusaka (1970), Algiers (1973), Colombo (1976) and Havana (1979).

Over the years the Non-Aligned member countries have grown from twenty five in Belgrade to about a hundred. The post-Second World War period saw the emergence of new nations, throwing off the shackles of colonialism; but it also saw the beginning of cold war confrontation and rivalry between the great Powers. The new nations had acquired political freedom after years of bitter struggle against their colonial masters and were engaged in the task of economic reconstruction and development. Their yearning for a peaceful environment, which would enable them to pursue their economic and social development without hindrance, was frustrated by the creation of military alliances and the intensification of the arms race. It was at this critical juncture of human history that the Non-Aligned Movement was forged, putting forth an alternative vision and a viable strategy for the handling of international affairs and the resolution of international affairs and the resolution of international tensions.

The 100p stamp depicts the logo of the Seventh Non-Aligned Summit. The other stamp (denomination 200p) portrays Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India and one of the founders of the Non- Aligned Movement. The first day cover shows the illuminated Govt. of India Secretariat at night.

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