18 June 2015

Police Commemoration Day 21.10.1982

The stamp depicts the fundamental police activity, namely, patrolling the civilian areas night and day, in cities and villages, so that crimes may not occur, and the lurking criminal is caught. 

The first day cover which has been designed by S. Kitson, is based on the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata on ideal criminal administration. The cancellation, designed by Gautam Kaul, shows the integration of the police which is their motto.

It was on the 21st October, 1960 that a police party patrolling the Himalayan heights in Ladakh was ambushed by a Chinese Military group in which 26 policemen were killed. The police party was controlling territories well within the international border. This day is remembered as the Commemoration Day when police parades are organised in all the states, and homage is paid to those who laid down their lives while performing duty. 

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