12 June 2015

Festival of India in London (Ancient Indian Sculpture) 23.3.1982

The Summer of 1982 in London was indeed India's. From March to November "The Festival of India" was conducted. High-lighting various facets of India. The Post and Telegraph Department did its own bit by issuing some lovely stamps during the period. The first two stamps were on Ancient Indian Sculpture, and are shown here on this FDC.

The 200 P. stamp depicts Deer in a sculpture belonging to 5th century A.D. available in the collection of Smt. Pupul Jayakar. First Day Cover shows a part of Stupa railing in red stone from Bharahut belonging to middle of 2nd century B.C. (Sanga period). Cancellation has been designed by Charanjit Lal.An excellent example of classical art of India, the beautiful sculpture depicting a group of four deer with charming feagures, formed only a part of the decorative scheme of the famous Parvati temple at Nachna-Kuthar in Madhya Pradesh.  
The 305 P. stamp portrays a bronze statue of the 9th century A.D. available at National Museum, New Delhi. The stamp size image, cast in bronze shows Krishna dancing on the serpent hoods of Kaliyanaga. Krishna's right hand is in "abhayamudra" (imparting protection), while with the left he is holding the tail of the snake.  

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