16 June 2015

Festival of India (Contemporary Art) 17.9.1982

The 305 paise stamp depicts M.F. Hussain's painting entitled "Between the Spider and the Lamp" and the 200 paise stamp depicts the painting of Raza entitled "Bindu". The first day cover illustration shows another version of Bindu by Raza along with Hussain's sketch of a Khajuraho Sculpture.

BINDU "The inaudible sound" is visualised as "Bindu" the potential seed. A symbol of cosmic energy, it is a central point of emergence, a totality bearing forces within, contained in a unit which precedes life. Represented as a visible form, the black circle is an obscure space charged with slumbering energies. Hardly visible, a horizontal line meets a vertical line, engendering forces across the black space, then colours appear white, yellow, red and blue and produce the most important requisites of the pained world. Akin to the concept of PANCHBHOOT SHAREER human body composed of five elements: KSHITI. JAAL, PAAVAK, GAGAN, SAMEER, the painting emerges as a living organism from the fusion of the five vital colour elements, centred around "BINDU" in their purest form, to their subsequent growth towards plenitude.  

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