15 June 2015

APPLE SATELLITE (ARIANE Passenger Payload Experiment)

The stamp shows the APPLE satellite in Orbit. The first day cover depicts an Earth Station.

APPLE SATELLITE. The successful launching of APPLE (ARIANE Passenger Payload Experiment), India's first three-axis stabilised experimental communication satellite, using ARIANE launcher, on June 19, 1981, marks an important milestone in India's space programme. By positioning the APPLE Spacecraft in the three-axis stabilised mode in the geostationary orbit at 102'E longitude on July 16, 1981 after carrying out complicated mission manoeuvres, India joined the ranks of nations who have developed their own three-axis stabilised stationary communication satellite. 
The APPLE Utilisation Programme was formally inaugurated by the Prime Minister on August 13, 1981, through a nationwide TV hookup via APPLE. Under APPLE utilisation programme a number of communication experiments are being carried out in cooperation with Posts and Telegraphs, Doordarshan, TIFR and others. APPLE has enabled experimentation in the advanced communications technology and has established expertise in the design, fabrication, launch and complicated post launch mission manoevres for placing and maintaining such a satellite in the geo-stationary orbit.

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