04 June 2015

1981 World Food Day 16.10.1981

The World Food Day seeks to focus greater attention to agricultural production in all countries. It also aims at promoting participation by rural masses in decisions and measures affecting their development. World Food Day provides an opportunity to take stock of the extent of world hunger, to learn more about why it continues to exist and to explore ways to overcome it. It is also a time to pay tribute to people who work the land to produce food. To achieve the many objectives of the World Food Day a comprehensive set of activities has been drawn up by the Food & Agriculture Organisation. India, being one of the active members of the FAO, has been participating very enthusiastically in these. In fact, every effort has been made to provide food for the millions. The Green Revolution launched more than a decade ago was a concerted effort to boost food production by introducting new strains of high yielding seeds and promoting greater use of improved agricultural practices. This has significantly increase food production and led the way towards selfe-sufficiency in food. Similary the Operation Flood launched in 1970 paved the way for an organised dairy industry in India to increase the production and supply of milk and milk products at reasonable costs.

The stamp shows the World Food Day Logo with stalks of wheat.  

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