26 May 2015

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari

The stamp carries the portrait of M.A. Ansari. The first day cover depicts M.A. Ansari with his daughter.

Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari was an Indian nationalist and political leader, and former president of the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League during the Indian Independence Movement. One of the founders of the Jamia Millia Islamia University he remained its Chancellor 1928 to 1936.
Dr. Ansari was amongst a new generation of Indian Muslim nationalists, which included Maulana Azad, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and others. He was very passionate about the issues of common Indian Muslims, but unlike Jinnah, was resolutely against separate electorates and opposed Jinnah's viewpoint that the Muslim League could be the only representative of India's Muslim communities.

Dr. Ansari was very close to Mahatma Gandhi and an adherent of Gandhism, with his core teachings of ahimsa and non-violent civil resistance. He enjoyed an intimate friendship with the Mahatma.
Dr. Ansari died in 1936 en route from Mussoorie to Delhi on a train due to a heart attack, and is buried in the premises of the Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi.

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